Long Distance Towing in Breezewood

We have established our reputation by providing premium, safe and reliable long-distance car towing and transportation services for all customers in the area.

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Del's Truck & Auto Repair, LLC Serves All Your Long-Distance Towing Needs

There are many scenarios which require long-distance towing. Whether your car has broken down far away from your home in the middle of nowhere, or you need to securely transport back home the new car you’ve purchased across the country, you can rely on us for all your long-distance towing needs.

Our High-Quality Long-Distance Towing Services

Our fleet of flatbed tow trucks and drivers can securely handle and transport all types, sizes, and weights of vehicles. We are recognized for using the best towing equipment, tools, and techniques available in the industry. Below are some of the towing needs we take care of:

Specialty Tows

You can rely on our skilled professionals and drivers to transport your luxury, antique, and vintage vehicle. We will make sure to take into consideration the special needs of these high-end vehicles.

Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycles require special and individual care to be safely transported for a long distance. We use only the safest methods and take all the necessary measures to safeguard the integrity of your motorcycle.

Heavy and Oversized Vehicle Towing

These types of vehicles require heavy machinery as well as a lot of manpower to be safely towed. Our team is very experienced in catering to the specific challenges of heavy and hefty vehicles.

Safe and Trusted Cross-Country Car Towing Professionals


We know that your vehicle is one of your most precious prized possessions. When you put your trust in us to safely transport your vehicle for a long distance, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. Our professional drivers and mechanics have successfully delivered many different types of vehicles of all sizes and weights.

100% Protection

When you need to transport your classic, vintage or luxury car for a long distance, you can trust us to take every precaution to protect the condition of your vehicle throughout the entire towing process. From the moment we mount and securely strip your vehicle to our flatbed trucks, to the final delivery process, we guarantee that your vehicle will arrive at your desired location without a scratch.

Customized Service

We take pride in delivering personalized service to cater to the specific needs of our customers. Our agents will take the time to listen and consider your unique requirements and offer a service that is targeted and adapted to meet your expectations.

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Long-distance car towing is what we do best. We never shy away from handling and transporting various vehicles with special needs, and we take pride in providing excellent customer service every step of the way.

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